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General-purpose Metal flexible hose

Taidy designs, manufactures and tests metal hose according to the National Standard GB/T 14525 and ISO1038 and British Standard BS6501, and designs and manufactures metal hose with?a?specific?purpose for customers.

Metal hose for low temperature application

Loading Liquid natural gas, liquid petro gas, refrigerant, flammable liquid and flammable gas from storage containers to receiving units or carriers, pipe line, a tank wagon or carrier may be needed for transportation. Due to the properties...

Vibration Absorbers For Storage Cylinders

Storage cylinders are important equipment in storage and loading of petro chemical industry. When happens, the pipe line may be leak and cause disaster, so flexible connections are needed at the inlet of storage cylinders. On the other word...

Cooling Stave Hose

In the recovery process after blast furnace going into operation or blowing out, expansion is happened when furnace temperature is from cold to hot. The large temperature difference is, the higher expansion rate is. Because there is differe...

Wear-Resistant Hose

In transportation of solid powder, as coal injection system in furnace of iron & steel metallurgy and boiler in power plant, metal hose assemblies are needed. The solid powder flows at a really high speed and make common metal hose leak qui...

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